Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet Stacey Bridges

Stacey Bridges is serving Division C as a campus liaison for Oklahoma State University. She is doctoral student in the School of Applied Health and Educational Psychology majoring in Educational Psychology. Stacey anticipates graduating in May. Her research interests include creativity, leadership, and teacher preparation practices. Most recently Stacey has been involved in examining the preparation of teachers to integrate arts curriculum in the classroom in order to improve professional development. Stacey has submitted several articles which are in review and has presented numerous times this year. In addition to her studies, Stacey volunteers at a local children’s museum and is an avid gardener. She wholeheartedly believes in making time for friends and family.

Stacey has been an active member of AERA for two years. Although she was unable to attend the annual AERA conference in New Orleans, she served as a panel reviewer. She has volunteered to serve as a panel reviewer for the 2012 Annual meeting Vancouver. Stacey reports that the best part about serving, and participating, in AERA Division C is the access to experts in the field. The division has newsletters, blogs, graduate student listservs, and opportunities to get involved at the annual meeting. Stacey has been able to find out about the latest research updates and network with both veteran researchers and other graduate students.

Stacey shared that her campus is hoping to foster a collaborative event involving Oklahoma State University members of AERA and the local Kappa Delta Pi Chapter. Stacey indicated that Foss and Waters’ Destination Dissertation: A Traveler’s Guide to a Done Dissertation has been quite beneficial during her doctoral studies. Stacey’s future goals include pursuing a career in the professorate as a professor of Educational Psychology at a research institution.

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  1. Nice to meet you Stacey! Thanks for serving with Div C! Please do let us know when you defend your dissertation, we'll be rooting for you! - Yin, AERA Div C Snr Rep