Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hi all!

Division 15 (APA) is currently offering one year of free membership to all first-time enrollees. We encourage you to pass along word to students and colleagues so that they can enjoy the growing benefits of Division 15 membership!
Benefits of this free, first year include:
  1. Eligibility to share in over $50,000 in annual grants and awards
  2. Free digital subscription to Educational Psychologist, the Division 15 newsletter, and a weekly digest of top education headlines
  3. Opportunities for publication through Psychology Today and other outlets
  4. Social events to network with both peers and luminaries
  5. Awards for early career contributions to the field
  6. Access to Division 15’s ed psych job board (edpsychjobs.info)
  7. Opportunities to present at annual conventions
Interested individuals may register with Division 15 by visiting http://www.apadiv15.org/join . Please send any questions or comments to Wade George (wade.george@apadiv15.org).

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AERA GSC Call for Nominations

Final Call for Nominations for AERA Graduate Student Council Elected Offices!

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is still looking for self-nominations for the following GSC positions: (1) Chair-Elect, (2) Newsletter Editor, (3) Secretary Historian, and (4) Web Secretary. The terms of service and responsibilities for these positions are detailed below.

If you are interested in running, please send your CV, a statement of interest, and the information listed below to nicholashartlep@gmail.com. Your statement of interest should be between 250 and 500 words and should address the reasons you would like to run and why you believe you would be a good candidate for the position. In addition to your CV and statement of interest, please include the following information:

- your name
- the university where you are pursuing your graduate degree
- the name of the degree you are pursing
- your anticipated date of graduation
- the position for which you would like to run.

Applications will be accepted until midnight, September 15.

GSC Elected Positions:

1. Chair-Elect
The chair-elect position has a three-year term, taking office in April 2013 and serving through April 2016. In the first year, the chair-elect is primarily responsible for the Graduate Student Resource Center. In the second chair, the Chair-Elect becomes Chair, and oversees the activities of The Graduate Student Council. Also during this year, the Chair serves as a member of AERA’s Association Council. In the third year, the Chair becomes The Past Chair, who chairs the nominating committee and serves in an advisory capacity to the incoming Chair and to the GSC.

- Must be a graduate student and AERA member for Fall and Spring semesters of first two years (through spring, 2015)
- Should have prior experience being a member of the GSC; if there is no nominee for Chair-Elect with prior GSC experience, nominations will be opened to the full graduate student membership of AERA

Responsibilities, Year 1 (as Chair-Elect)
- Plan and coordinate the Graduate Student Resource Center at the Annual Meeting.
- Plan and chair the Chair-Elect’s Fireside Chat session at the Annual Meeting
- Attend the October Coordinated Committee meeting in Washington, DC. Chair GSC if it is necessary for Chair to be absent for some portion of the GSC meeting.
- Attend the GSC orientation, open, and closed business meetings at the Annual Meeting.
- Attend Association Council meeting at the Annual Meeting in year rising to Chair position
- Prepare article for each issue of the Graduate Student Newsletter.
- Prepare Chair-elect annual report.
- Assist GSC Chair in creation of a budget for GSC.
- Serve on GSC executive committee.
- Assume responsibilities of Chair if Chair is unable to complete his/her term of office

Responsibilities, Year 2 (as Chair of the GSC)
- Set agenda for GSC activities for the year.
- Create GSC budget for the upcoming year and submit to Central Office.
- Attend Association Council Meetings at Annual Meeting for year as Chair; attend Council meetings in meetings in June and February.
- Attend Coordinated Committee meeting in Washington, DC in October; chair GSC during this meeting, including agenda setting.
- Attend GSC orientation, open and closed business meeting at Annual Meeting; chair GSC business meetings, including agenda setting.
- Present summary of GSC activities at GSC Open Business Meeting.
- Report the pertinent actions and events occurring at all AssociationCouncil, and GSC Executive Committee meetings to the GSC.
- Publicize GSC functions.
- Prepare article for each issue of the Graduate Student Council Newsletter.
- Prepare GSC Annual Report for year served as Chair.
- Prepare pass -down materials for incoming Chair.
- Send email letter to Division VPs encouraging the appointment of new Division representatives by date of Annual Meeting.

Responsibilities, Year 3 (as Past Chair):
- Chair the nominating committee, to assemble slate for election of new GSC officers.
- Attend the Coordinated Committee Meeting in Washington, DC, in October.
- Attend GSC orientation and open and closed business meetings at the annual meeting.
- Serve in advisory capacity to incoming GSC Chair.

2. Jr. Newsletter Editor
Newsletter editors serve two year terms (April 2013-April 2014). Each year, a junior newsletter editor is elected to collaborate with the senior newsletter editor (who was elected as junior editor the year before). The
newsletter editors are responsible for producing three issues of the GSC newsletter, Connections.

- must be a graduate student and AERA member for Fall and Spring semesters of both years of service (2013-2015).

- Manage and edit the GSC newsletters. This is a collaborative position between the senior and junior editors.
- Produce fall and spring issues of the GSC newsletter, with the option to produce a summer issue.
- Select a theme for each issue.
- Disseminate call for submissions for each issue.
- Outline due dates for newsletter submissions.
- Design, layout, and edit articles.
- Submit completed issue to GSC Web Secretary for publication on GSC website.
- Submit annual report on newsletter activities.
- Attend GSC orientation and open and closed business meetings at the annual meeting.
- As senior editor (year 2), attend Coordinated Committee Meeting in Washington, DC in October.

3. Secretary/Historian
The Secretary/Historian serves a *one year term* (April 2013-April 2014) and is responsible for record keeping for the GSC.

- Must be a graduate student and AERA member for Fall and Spring semesters (2013-2014).

- Attend the Coordinated Committee Meeting in Washington, DC in October.
- Attend the GSC orientation and open and closed business meetings at the Annual meeting.
- Record minutes for all GSC meetings and business.
- Disseminate minutes to GSC within thirty days of the meeting date.
- Submit approved minutes to Web Secretary for posting on the GSC Web site.
- Act as GSC historian. Collect photographs of GSC events, make these available to Web Secreatry and Newsletter Editors. Maintain updated versionof GSC history.
- Maintain contact information for all GSC Members.
- Assist in coordinating the Graduate Student Orientation at the annual meeting.
- Submit annual report on activities for the year.
- Serve on GSC executive committee.

4. Web Secretary
The GSC Web Secretary serves a one year term (April 2013-2014) and works with the AERA Central Office to maintain the GSC website.

- Must be a graduate student and AERA member for Fall and Spring semesters (2013-20124.

- Update and maintain GSC website
- Maintain contact with Division Representatives to ensure that the website contains current information.
- Get trained on latest AERA CMS software.
- Keep in contact with AERA web personnel about changes and other issues related to the GSC website.
- Communicate with AERA web personnel about GSC web priorities
- Keep GSC updated about AERA web issues, concerns, priorities, feedback, etc.
- Assist GSC officers in planning new GSC initiatives and programs for graduate students across AERA. Support and become involved in these new AERA GSC initiatives.
- Moderate GSC discussion list serv.

If you have any questions regarding the positions or nomination/election process feel free to contact current Chair: Cathy Rosenberg (cathy.rosenberg@gmail.com) or Past-Chair/Elections Chairperson Nicholas Hartlep (nicholashartlep@gmail.com)

Cathy A. Rosenberg
Doctoral Candidate-The Ohio State University-Columbus