Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bye for Now & AERA 2012 Fireside Chat Slides

From left: Yin Wah Kreher, Dr. Richard E. Clark, Angela Shelton.
I write with much gratitude as I deliver this, my swansong, as the 2011-12 Division C Senior Representative, a position I officially handed over on April 17, 2012 to the new co-reps. I have had a wonderful journey. I learned so many things and made so many friends. I met so many people - new, emerging, and senior scholars through my position and AERA itself. I thank you all for reading this blog and following us. At Vancouver, I even met somehow who I had seen first on this blog through the digital image she sent me!

On my first trip to AERA in 2010, I was stepping into the Junior Rep position. I was tasked with getting this blog going and to use social media to connect with more of our members. We began slowly, but over time I'm pleased that it has served its primary purpose: to connect students and people from many parts of the world to Division C's mission. I leave with no regrets. I feel that our team has accomplished what we had set out to do. I thank my mentors, my team-mates, Dr. Gale Sinatra and Dr. Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia. Suffice to say, I happily pass the baton on to the next team. I wish them much success.

A Captive Audience.

Of course, not forgetting my primary purpose for this post: to deliver Dr. Richard E. Clark's Fireside Chat slides to you. At the wonderful Chat session, those who were present requested for the slides. Here is the link to Dr. Clark's slides:

Dr. Richard E. Clark's Slides: Turning Research into Results - Handling the Complexity of Learning

With this, I bid you all the best in your studies and look forward to meeting you at future conferences!

Note: All photos are provided by Angela Shelton. Parts of this post are also cross-posted on my own blog.