Saturday, February 2, 2013

Call for applications: Division C Junior Co-Chair Graduate Student Committee

Division C Graduate Students
Call for Applications
Due February 25, 2013

The Division C Graduate Student Committee is currently accepting applications for the Committee Junior Co-Chair position.

The Graduate Student Committee is a five member graduate student team dedicated to serving Division C graduate students and representing Division C within the larger AERA organization.

Positions available

The Division C Committee Junior Co-Chair is responsible for working with the Senior Co-Chair/s in preparing articles for Division C’s online journal, in addition to coordinating graduate student seminars at the Annual AERA Meeting. The Junior Co-Chair is the direct link with all campus liaisons and is expected to send monthly newsletters to campus liaisons for distribution. The Junior Co-Chair also recruits campus liaisons and should plan to communicate regularly with university faculty and graduate students. Further duties include coordination with the Division C President and assisting Committee members in preparing newsletter articles as necessary.

The Division C Junior Co-Chair is also responsible for identifying potential speakers for the Division C Fireside Chat held at the Annual Meeting, and also assists the Committee members with preparing Division C Graduate Student Seminars at the annual meeting.  The Junior Co-Chair will work with the Senior Co-Chair to prepare a “Division C” poster for the annual meeting, and work with other Graduate Student Council members from across AERA divisions to host the resource center during the annual meeting.  The Junior Co-Chair is also responsible for working with the Senior Representative in preparing articles for the Graduate Student Council’s online newsletter, Connections, as well as the Graduate Student Report to both the general Division C audience and the AERA Graduate Student Council during the annual meeting.

Commitment Time:  If you want to serve as a Junior Co-Chair you must be able to serve for two years.

Skills Needed: To serve Division C, in a graduate student leadership capacity, you must be able to work well under strict timelines, and with little guidance beyond the Senior Co-Chair. Strong writing skills are a plus, and a willingness to happily serve others is a necessity. Passion for the advancement of Division C initiatives and research, and for the success of graduate students in the division is absolutely vital.

**Prior involvement in student governance or AERA is NOT required.**

Applications:  You will need to submit a letter of interest, vita, and two letters of references. In your letter of interest, please explain why you would be a good fit. If you have any questions, please feel free to email any Division C Graduate Student Council member.

Send:  All materials as attachments including, (1) your letter of interest, (2) vita, (3) and two letters of reference to Ariana Crowther, Co-Chair, Graduate Student Committee, and Benjamin Heddy, Co-Chair, Graduate Student Committee ( AND

Responsibilities of the Junior Co-Chair

Junior Co-Chair

1.       Distribute information pertinent to Division C graduate students via Division C listserv on a regular basis. This includes drafting newsletters with relevant information for graduate students that will be distributed to campus liaisons
2.       Act as a liaison for Division C graduate students with other Division C committees and the Vice-President. This includes contacting campus liaisons to determine how Division C can best support its members and maintaining and facilitating open communication lines between Division C GSC officers, Division C officers, and Division C members.
3.       Explore possible means to improve communication with Division C graduate student members
4.       Manage the list of campus liaisons
5.       Recruit new campus liaisons to the committee
6.       Contact institutions lacking campus liaisons to encourage graduate students to take this role and/or ask faculty to suggest possible candidates for campus liaisons at their institution
7.       Update the Facebook page as needed
8.       Co-plan the New Directions session with Division C officers
9.       Attend the AERA Conference.
a.       Chair the New Directions session and any additional sessions allocated to the Graduate Student Council
b.       Chair the Division C Fireside Chat
c.        Attend the graduate student social
d.       Attend/present at the Division C Business meeting
e.        Attend/present at the Division C Closed Executive Committee meeting
f.        the Annual Meeting Orientation Session
g.        GSC Reception
h.       Closed Business Meeting
i.         Open Business Meeting

10.    Interact with other graduate students (at AERA’s annual meeting, national conferences, and through other means (i.e., Facebook, emails, etc.)) to encourage them to become involved in Division C by becoming a member and/or becoming a campus liaison
11.    Act as liaison between graduate students in their respective divisions and GSC
12.    Work with Senior Chair to submit an article to each of issue of the Graduate Student Newsletter
13.    Co-plan a Fireside Chat for the AERA Annual Meeting. Co-Chair the session
14.    Meet with Senior Co-Chair at AERA to discuss transition materials
15.    Prepare an Annual Report on activities for the year and submit to Senior Co-Chair
16.    Serve as co-host in the GSC Graduate Student Resource Center
17.    Co-create a Divisional display board to place in the GSRC at the annual meeting
18.    Write articles for winter and spring Division C online newsletters

Both the Senior and Junior Co-Chairs normally receive approximately $700 each to help defray travel expenses to the Annual Meeting; however, this item is budgeted by the Division Vice-President and is not guaranteed.