Monday, June 6, 2011

Congratulations Adar Ben-Eliyahu, PhD!

"Education plays a central role in children's and adolescents' lives, and influences adulthood career success and well-being. It is therefore important to consider how children are motivated and self-regulate toward academic success, especially in preferred versus disliked topics".

Division C Graduate Student Council is proud to announce that Adar Ben-Eliyahu from Duke University earned a doctorate of philosophy in May 2011. Dr. Ben-Eliyahu studied Developmental Psychology and served as a campus liaison for two years.

During a recent interview, Dr. Ben-Eliyahu shared that the best part of serving AERA is getting to know different people and having the opportunity to discuss interesting and important issues. She is currently studying how the interplay of motivation and self-regulation influence different outcomes throughout the life span. Dr. Ben-Eliyahu attended the AERA conference this year and reported that she "loved New Orleans"! She has published and presented research in the areas of motivation and self-regulation.

Dr. Ben-Eliyahu enjoys yoga and painting. She is currently pursuing a position in higher education. Thank you for serving as a liaison. CONGRATS Dr. Ben-Eliyahu!

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