Thursday, October 11, 2012

Publication Opportunity

Frontiers in Educational Psychology Call for Manuscripts

Theme: School Leadership and the Learning Sciences: What Each Needs to Learn from the Other

Host Editors: Steve Myran and Jason Osborne

Both educational psychologists and school leaders seem to work toward the same goal: success for students, job satisfaction for teachers, happy parents and communities. Yet it is not clear that the two communities of practitioners and scholars are effectively communicating with each other.

The goal of this research topic is to bring important communities of scholars and practitioners together in one place to begin a conversation about what each group needs to know about the other. Specifically, what do educational leaders (and scholars of educational leadership) need to know about the science of learning, and what do scientists studying learning need to know about the realities and contexts in which that learning occurs?

In the learning sciences we have a century of science that tells us many things about how students of all ages learn, and new findings are constantly casting light on what is truly useful and important. In educational leadership we have deep knowledge of the contextual and procedural realities of schooling and education. It seems important that the two groups learn from the other to make the scholarship and practice of education more effective.

In particular, we welcome articles that attempt to reach across the silos, that attempt to speak to what scholars in the learning sciences should know about educational leadership, and what educational leaders should know from the learning sciences.

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