Sunday, October 28, 2012

Call for Proposals

Call for proposals for upcoming special issue of Educational Psychology Review

Special Issue Topic - Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence Relevant to Classroom Instruction with Instructional Manipulatives.

Guest Editors: Scott C. Marley and Kira J. Carbonneau. University of New Mexico. Educational Psychology Program.

You are invited to contribute a proposal for the upcoming special issue entitled “Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence Relevant to Classroom Instruction with Manipulatives.” Activity-based instructional strategies that utilize concrete representations (i.e., manipulatives) are often suggested as efficacious techniques for teaching content and concepts in science, math and language arts. The purpose of this special issue will be to provide modern commentaries relevant to instructional manipulatives with a focus on application in classroom contexts.

Potential topics of interest to the special issue are:

Contemporary theoretical explanations
Developmental considerations
STEM instruction with manipulatives
Language arts instruction with manipulatives
Transfer of learning
Instructional considerations
Virtual manipulatives
Methodological issues associated with research on manipulatives
Physical characteristics of manipulatives
Assessment issues
Working memory issues related to manipulatives
Student engagement with manipulatives
Motivational and affective considerations
Problem solving with manipulatives
Future directions

Proposals should be double-spaced, no more than 500 words and should be emailed directly to Dr. Scott C. Marley at All proposals should contain the following:

1. Proposed manuscript title
2. A brief description of the topic of your proposed manuscript and rationale for publication
3. A proposed outline for the manuscript.
4. Author information including name, institutional affiliation, email, phone and mailing address.

Please submit your proposal by January 15th 2013. Proposals will be reviewed by the guest editors and invitations will be extended to selected authors by February 15th, 2013. Each submitted full manuscript will be reviewed by two peer reviewers. Anticipated time of publication is fall of 2013. All questions should be addressed to Dr. Scott C. Marley at

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