Thursday, February 23, 2012

News from our members

It's always good to hear from you. In our last call for student news, two members wrote to inform us that they are on track to make their proposal and dissertation defense this academic year. 

Meagan Caridad Arrastia-Lloyd is a doctoral student at Florida State University in the Learning and Cognition program. She plans to defend her dissertation proposal in summer 2012. The focus of her dissertation study is preservice teachers’ beliefs and practices concerning teacher self-regulation and responsibility.

Kristina V. Mattis, a doctoral student at the University of San Francisco’s Learning and Instruction program anticipates making an oral defense of her Ed.D. dissertation towards the end of April. Her study investigates the comparative effects of instruction using the modality principle on mental effort and accuracy during a series of algebraic math tasks involving decimals, percents, and fractions that increase in levels of task complexity.

Congratulations, Meagan and Kristina!

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