Saturday, April 9, 2011

What is Division C?

AERA can start to feel like "alphabet soup," with letters and acronyms flying all over the place. We thought we'd take a minute to visit the letter of the day - C! Division C has an exciting and diverse mission to examine the worlds of learning and instruction. Because it involves so many different areas of interest, it can be hard to conceptualize. The above diagram was developed to illustrate the mission of Division C. Division C is concerned with research on the process of, and contexts for, learning, instruction, and assessment, as well as work examining the relationships among these areas. There are four content sections: Literacy & Language Arts; Humanities, Social Sciences & Fine Arts; Mathematics; and Science. There are three sections that explore learning and instruction across content areas: Learning Environments; Cognitive, Social & Motivational Processes, and Technology Research. As you can tell, there are multiple, varied, and overlapping areas of research going on in the dynamic, exciting world of Division C. It's exciting to see all that come together at AERA!

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