Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Fireside Chat with Dr. Paul Cobb

We had the honor of having Dr. Paul Cobb, Peabody Chair in Teaching and Learning, Vanderbilt University, share his research with us on Day 4 of the Annual Meeting. Dr. Cobb's enlightening presentation afforded us a glimpse into the process of moving from graduate student to senior researcher and a unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with an established research scholar.

In educational contexts, when we talk about scale we are referring to the process of taking an instructional strategy that has shown to be effective in a small setting and reproducing that success in a large number of classrooms. Research in mathematics education has rarely focused explicitly on understanding the process of improving mathematics teaching and learning at scale. Dr. Cobb’s current research seeks to address this shortcoming by making instructional improvement a researchable issue.

Dr. Cobb captivates the audience with his presentation.
In an engaging manner, Dr. Cobb described the evolution of his research. Despite being an instructional designer who is not a math subject matter expert, I gained much from Dr. Cobb's presentation. The audience listened spellbound and participated with several questions. There was definitely more to share from both sides than the allocated time allowed. We will definitely post the slides from Dr. Cobb once it is available. Keep checking this space! And, please let us know who else you would like to have as our Fireside speakers and how we can improve our Fireside Chats!

Active audience participation

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