Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Webinar Event: "Planning and Preparing for Professional Conferences”

"Planning and Preparing for Professional Conferences”
Webinar event with
Dr. Marcus Johnson

(Assistant Professor of Educational Studies: Developmental and Learning Sciences)
Please join us on March 7th, 2014 @ 1PM EST
(It is recommended that you login 10 minutes prior to the event.)

Dr.  Marcus  Johnson  will  be  giving  a  presentation  on   how  to plan  and  prepare  for  professional  conferences,  specifically AERA.  The  presentation  is  intended  for  graduate  students interested in the structure of scholarly organizations, networking, opportunities  to  get  involved  with  conference  events/activities, and  recommended  practices  for  preparing  conference presentations. Following Dr. Johnson’s presentation, questions will be taken from webinar guests, as well as from University of Cincinnati students and  faculty  in  attendance.

Dr.  Johnson  is  the  faculty  advisor  to  AERA’s  Division  C Graduate  Student  Committee.  This webinar  event  is  being hosted  by  the  School  of  Education  at  the  University  of Cincinnati  as  part  of  the  March  2014  Power  Friday  (a professional development and research seminar series).


  1. Hi All,
    As the Webinar presenter, I simply wanted to thank those of who had joined online and in-person. I hope to post a link to the video in the coming days. I appreciated the questions and hope attendees/viewers find the information helpful.

    Marcus Johnson, PhD
    University of Cincinnati

  2. As promised, here is the link of the webinar recording:

    Marcus Johnson, PhD
    University of Cincinnati